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Your brand is an extension of you. Your brand image is a representation of what your business stands for and the commitment it has towards customer welfare. Unfortunately, the deluge of marketing content has stripped brands of their humanity. This often leads to a massive disconnect between brands and customers. Bridge this chasm by having a branded video created by the experts at Run & Gun Production Services, Inc.

We are a professional video production company and branded content agency in Los Angeles, and we can help you create engaging video content which can help you get in sync with your customers. We cater to client all across the U.S.


What is branded content and how is it different from promotional content? While effecting sales is the primary goal of any business, any overtly spammy content can turn-off even the most loyal customer. At their core, your audience wants to see the real you. This is what branded content is designed to achieve. This type of video production technique, employs the art of storytelling, to reach out to a brand’s customers and non-customer audiences, without using any sales-pitch-like marketing techniques.

It can include the story of the brand and is used to educate an audience about the origin, inspiration and motivation behind it. The essential message is driven to include how the viewer fits in with this and make a personal lasting connection.

Branded content is transparent and truthful. It strips away all that is promotional and reveals what the brand truly is. As a top branded content agency Los Angeles strongly relies on, we have found that our clients have experienced a greater audience connect and higher customer engagement, after implementing branded content in their marketing strategy. Compared to promotional content, which often enlists the help of gimmicks to entertain viewers, branded content relies on the authentic traditions of the brand, to engage and inspire viewers.

Advantages of choosing branded content

  • It allows you to keep the brand in the limelight, without focusing on the brand too much.
  • It feels very genuine and instils trust and faith in the brand.
  • There is a higher emotional appeal to the content, which doesn’t exist in promotional content.
  • It offers customers a unique perspective about the brand, by giving the brand its own voice.
  • It can add true value based on not being too promotional or preachy.

Run & Gun’s Los Angeles Branded Content Team

At Run & Gun, we have a team of highly experienced professionals, who specialize in creating branded content. We have worked with multiple brands, across industries, giving wings to their creative vision. We will assign a dedicated account manager to manage your account and to handle any queries, concerns or orders you place with us. Your account manager will work with you start-to-finish, right from the consultation stage to the post-production stage.

Our branded video production process

Step 1: Consultation
When you contact us for our branded video production services, our team will sit with you to outline your needs and specifications. Next, our team of writers, producers, designers, videographers, and creative directors will work together to develop a compelling story for your message.

Step 2: Video production
Based on the approved outline, our team of videographers and creative specialists will schedule the filming and production on an exact timeline. The props, lighting, costumes, and anything needed for your project will all be provided by our team. We will also ensure your project is fully cost-effective and make your project work within the budget you demand.

We use state-of-the-art technology to produce our videos, and we only employ the latest techniques in the execution of our projects. This ensures that each and every branded video we make is completely unique from any other brand or competitor.

Step 3: Post-production
Quality is of the utmost importance to us at Run & Gun. That’s why we have a full-fledged team of QA and QC specialists, who will work with you to ensure that there are no errors or ambiguity in the video produced. We are extremely transparent in our fees, and we only charge for the services we provide. Feel free to contact us if you need any more information.

What our clients have said about us


Los Angeles’ branded content professionals.

Ron KlierDirector, Field Production, NBC Universal

“Run and Gun’s always supplied us with top-notch crews and equipment. The operators are friendly, easy to work with and knowledgeable. I wouldn’t hesitate to give them a call.”

Brianne & The Trends with Benefits Team

“Thank you (and your team) for all of your hard work during our shoot. I had an amazing time shooting in LA and working with you and the folks at R&G. It was truly a pleasure and we hope to work with you again.”

Heather WildingNBC Univeral (The Soup, E! Specials, Style Networks)

“Run & Gun has always provided me with superb services. Whenever I’ve needed to book a crew whether it was same day or weeks out they were always ready and able to provide me and my productions with what I needed. I highly recommend Joe Egan and his crew.”

Jose QuezadaEPIX

“EPIX started working with Run & Gun for our Los Angeles movie premiers. Run & Gun proved to be so capable, our team tasked them with our larger junkets and high-end promo projects. Run & Gun provided everything from the crew, gear, craft services and everything in between. They are true pros and fun to work with! I highly recommend Run & Gun Production Services!”

James LockardDirector, Moving Imagines

“I’ve worked with the Gun & Run team for years. They are my first call for all of my productions. From rough-and-rugged shoots following snipers through the desert to landing on US aircraft carriers! They always have the prefect crew and gear for my project needs! I’d go anywhere in the world with the crews from Run & Gun!”

Trey SchoolsFreelance Producer

“I’m an out-of-state producer that has shoots in Los Angeles often. It is such a peace of mind knowing I need not worry about my shoots because Run & Gun has it all under control. I land, we shoot, and all is well! The crews are talented and a pleasure to work! I couldn’t recommend Run & Gun more highly! ”

Greg MazzolaCEO | Executive Producer

“Run & Gun has been my ace in the hole for years. Joe has put a team and gear together within less than a days notice to travel across the country to shoot, all with a smile on his face. I plan on doing business with Joe and Run and Gun for as long as I'm working in the industry. You can't miss with Run & Gun!”

Dan RiesserScreenwriter

“Not only are Run & Gun's crews professional, knowledgable and easy to work with, they also bring a creative eye to projects, which is something you don't always get with ENG style crews. I've always trusted them to help make a project look and sound its best, and offer up great solutions to any problem I'm able to throw at them. They're a lot of fun to work with!”

Hathaway LoftusProduction Manager, The Soup

“Joe and the Run & Gun team are top notch! I have worked with these guys for over 10 years and they have always been amazing. From green screen studio shoots to full day, multiple location shoots I know I can always count on Run & Gun to help me make the best content possible. These guys are professional, creative, technically savvy and best of all fun.”

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